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  1. pinknostalgia answered: reread divergent and insurgent
  2. high-heels-on-the-moon answered: maze runner
  3. allisoneuph answered: Legend by Marie Lu
  4. margotismoving answered: Uglies is a good one
  5. busco-bound answered: Good books, not really dys: Darkest Powers and Darkness rising Tril, Gilded Wings series, Razorland Series, Chemical Rose Garden, etc.
  6. weasleyboorrow answered: The Darkest Minds and Uglies
  7. itsjustaprincething answered: uglies by scot westerfield i think.
  8. fangirltosurvive answered: Legend
  9. hereisabrightergarden answered: Legend by Marie Lu and Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.
  10. kato1313 answered: maze runner and enclave
  11. howtosavelifes answered: The Host!
  12. apeacefulcandor answered: isn’t a dystipian but is good “Tomorrow, when the war began”
  13. divergent-lena-jace posted this
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